Creating Lifelong Purpose , Together

At Malone Development Center, we build strong-teacher child relationships to show we value unique identities, abilities, backgrounds and point of view. It´s part of fulfilling a vow we´ve made to make a difference and have a positive impact. We want our staff and each child in our care to be comfortable sharing their authentic self. That´s why it is important for us to ensure a wide range of diverse voices are recognized and represented.

In the Classroom

Here children play with purpose and learn with confidence . Every child deserves to feel safe , represented , and accepted in an inclusive environment that includes:
-Diverse classrooms, vital to learning
-Engaging , educational experiences
-Spaces that reflect our diverse community.

Health and Safety

Here at Malone´s we provide children with a learning environment that´s safe, welcoming and fun. It all starts at the front door: School access is restricted , so only authorized individuals with registered key fobs may entire our secured doors.

We have an excellent Catering Company to prepare all our meals, with the exception of jarred food and infant cereal.In our kitchen food is prepared for all the children and always cut to appropriate size , depending on the age group eating.

Together, We Will Have Great Impact