Nursery Room - 6 weeks to 12 months old

Our nursery program is individualized to meet the needs of each child. Our warm, clean and affectionate environment helps to establish each child´s sense of security and promote healthy growth.

Toddler Program- Age: 1 years old

Our toddler program includes nurturing sense of individuality and independence. Children are provided with heartfelt guidance about opening up and verbally describing their feelings

Toddler Program- Age: 2 years old

Children at this stage are typically active, learning and busy; easily engaged and eager to explore and discover. This means we make every effort to incorporate opportunities for growth and learning across all spectrums; physical, cognative,emotional and sensory.

Early Preschool Program- Age: 3 years old

On to the path of preschoolers, early preschool is an excellent stepping stone and builds the needs of those of age three. As they become independent learners, these children practice working with others, following directions, routines and self help skills.

Preschool Program - Age: 4 years old

Preparing your preschooler for kindergarten- Your child gains an understanding of Literacy and STEM-science, technology,engineering and math. Not only will they enjoy their days spent learning , but they will also become intellectually and socially ready for their entry to kindergarten.

Before and After School & Summer Program

Our 2024 Summer Program is packed with new friends , discoveries, and opportunities, included weekly themes, science experiments , fun competitions, hands on projects , team building and more .

Encouraging Ongoing Learning Though The Summer Months